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Crossing boundaries. . .
Meet the Director Dr. Anne Basham

“Museums only fully develop their potential for action when they are actually involved in the major problems of contemporary society."

-by Czech museologist Jan Jelink in 1975

Inter-G Academy emerged after some 15 years of developing enrichment programs across the lifespan from ages 3-100.  Inter-G is based on several pilot programs inspired by the concept of mobile discovery stations often used in museum education. Lifelong Explorers was the first educational enrichment program Anne developed which was offered to seniors in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in Tucson and Phoenix. The program would conclude with a graduation event in which family members would be invited to attend.  The second was more recently piloted at the Christian Care Center in Mesa called "Collecting Memories" in collaboration with the Arizona State University natural history collections and was funded by the Arizona Commission of the Arts Lifelong learning grant.  Inter-G is also inspired by the Beatitudes Campus Agelink program in which for nearly three years Anne was involved in developing educational programs that provided co-learning experiences between PreK children with residents at a skilled nursing facility.  The resulting work and observations prompted a proposal for an experiential discovery center at the Beatitudes skilled nursing facility. 

Anne received her BA degree in anthropology/science from Indiana University followed by a M.Phil degree in Museum studies from Cambridge University, England where she interned at the Horniman Natural History museum in London. In 2012 she received a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Innovation with a focus on critical pedagogy and the use of collections in promoting science equity in marginalized learners.  After receiving her doctorate, she worked for five years as an educational coordinator at the Arizona State University Museum of Natural History. During her time there she was involved in the development of a community outreach/discovery center at the museum's new location in Tempe for the purpose of connecting the public with university collections.  In that position she was also involved in the development and integration of augmented reality learning tools called the Libraries of Life project aimed at connecting children, youth, and seniors with collections and the natural world.  The app was utilized by museums across the country as a public education and outreach tool for museum events.  (  


 Anne is foremost a writer and educational entrepreneur and a strong advocate for equity and accessibility to science, technology, and literacy.  Inter-G is founded on a key concept which states the value and importance of the empathetic educator and learner; because only then can we cross the boundaries of perceived limitations in order to enrich the lives of all learners. 

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