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Libraries of Life brings collections and their data into the classroom via immersive technologies.


The Libraries of Life project was a Katerva Awards finalist in the category of behavioral change and public impact in 2019. 

The Miami Blue butterfly A public outreach campaign with the Florida Museum of Natural History using augmented reality to educate the public on the current endangerment of the Florida Miami Blue butterfly. 

Augmented reality serves as an exciting, new education and outreach tool that aim to promote engagement and accessibility to biodiversity specimens, which largely remain hidden from public view in U.S. museums, universities, field stations, and other institutions.  The Libraries of Life project is a collaboration between the U.S. National Science Foundation's National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (iDigBio) and a growing number of Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs). iDigBio and the TCNs are focused on creating digital, web-deployed information about the nation's biodiversity specimens to benefit science and society. Anne Basham, (Founder of ExplorMor Labs  and co-Founder of the Biodiversity Outreach Network), Florida State University's Austin Mast (Department of Biological Science and iDigBio) lead development of the cards and app within iDigBio’s Augmented Reality for Public Outreach (ARPEO) Working Group


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