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 "There are two things that science needs to do: First we need to talk about the why, and second we need to tell a story."   --

Mission Statement

Promoting literacy and knowledge about the biodiversity of our planet through the power of story.

Science as Story (SAS) produces interactive books and media that uses the power of story and culture to promote scientific literacy in local and global communities.

Promoting Science and Language via Story  

Science as Story (SAS) works in collaboration with sponsors and other nonprofits who see the value of story in the support of language while making science accessible.  Learning that is connected with emotion and story can enhance memory and can make science applicable to life and real-world situations.  Connecting with sentient beings from the living world also promotes awareness and develops empathy with all life for which we share the planet.  Through story and audio we are providing alternative pathways for neurodiverse learners allowing the brain to better process information, thus reducing cognitive overload.  Media enriched resources can especially support English language learners by offering content both in their native language as well as English.

We can level the playing field for all learners by producing content that is interactive and accessible serving diverse learners, languages, and reading skill levels.

With technological advancements such as Starlink and other similar initiatives, developing countries are connecting to high-speed Internet for the first time.  Simultaneously we are seeing advancements in AI technologies which will make language barriers a thing of the past. With these advancements it is more critical than ever to ensure that traditionally marginalized groups in diverse regions of the world are provided with the same opportunities in literacy, technology, and education.








An image of Lil Smart Bee from book and film
Voiceover Lizet Vasquez

Lizet Vasquez from Peru was voiceover for the Spanish Version of Lil' Smart Bee.
Lizet Vásquez >> Female Spanish >> Voice Over Talent - Lizet Voice Talent

 Mary Timpany as Narrator and Ms. Honeybee.    


Lil' Smart Bee is developing bilingual resources and a cartoon on native bee diversity for elementary aged children in Guatemala and the U.S. 

The project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Biodiversity Outreach Network. FLAAR Mesoamerica is a non-profit founded in Guatemala dedicated to field research and publications of biodiversity reports under                  co-founder/director Nicholas Hellmuth. The organization is already known for their science-based resources/media aimed at teaching children about the biodiversity of Guatemala which aligns well with the Smart Bee project.  Mayantoons is a project and division of FLAAR Mesoamerica. 

Coming this spring! Lil’ Smart Bee the cartoon along with a downloadable interactive audiobook for your bilingual classroom. 

Elizabeth Breckenkamp as Lil' Smart Bee

Our Cast and Crew

ediemae3 (1)_edited.jpg
Isabella Trejo pic.jpeg

Isabel Trejo, Guatemala Illustrator /Graphic Design/Mayantoons

-Nicholas Hellmuth/Co-Director
-Vivian Hurtadao/Project Coordinator 
-Laura Morales/Director of Animation
-Valeria Aviles, Animator 



Written/Produced by                      Anne Basham /Science as Story

A Special Thanks to our Sponsors 

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Lil Smart bee at book fair (2).png
smart bee character (1)

Lil' Smart Bee was at the recent Tucson Book Festival! 

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