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Museum House After-school 

 Grades 3-7 (Ages 8-12)  Enrichment program  


Our Education model


Based on museum education methods and an object-based pedagogy.

ourse Schedule

-16 sessions in Fall semester  (2 hours F2F/or Zoom tutorial and 2 hours independent study per week). 

-One group class per month to share progress and get peer review.

-For ages 15 and up program may include mentorship and collaboration with a community institution, museum, etc.

-Students will be expected to produce a capstone project of their research and experience at conclusion of program. 


Capstone Project

Ages 9 and Up

All students follow the same foundation courses in museum science but pursue their own independent study which may be research-based or service-based. 

Examples of a research-based capstone project would be research and development of a virtual or physical exhibit based on a specific topic related to an extinct species of mollusk.  Using the scientific process student will make observations, form inquiry and present their results as an exhibit or public poster event. 


Examples of a service-learning project might be the development of a lesson plan and class activity then teaching what you learned to the community whether virtually or in person at a partnering community site, senior center or K-12 school system.




Based on the subscription school model and in order to make the program as 

accessible as possible the programs will not be based on a fixed tuition fee

but rather a monthly membership fee of $35.00 which will allow families and students to 

start their programs and access resources for as little or as much as you would like.


**Some programs may require an additional fee to cover capstone project supplies or field-trip related expenses.

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