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   (MPEC) Museums as Partners in
    Education and Enrichment Coalition

Schools and museums in partnership. Promoting accessibility to collection-based  activities in the classroom and community.   

                 GLOSSARY KEY TERMS FOR                                    Parents/Community Partners 

Below are some of the terminology and language used in the Explorium programs.




 Personal Learning Maps (PLM)


Inspired by personal meaning maps used in museum visitor assessments, students create a PLM during the first class or week of a program and again at the conclusion of each proram. 

Discovery PODS

Interactive Discovery PODS are created and used by students and for the community. Discovery PODS may consist of a collection of objects from culture or the natural world for which a specific context and meaning has been attached either by the creator or the participant.  Students may also be involved in constructing PODS for the community as part of the Explorium Academy capstone project. Discovery PODS serve as a tool for the transference of knowledge and meaning, helping participants connect with memory and/or content, and forms relationships between students and the community.

Expedition Tracks

Specialized paths of learning that students ages 13 and up choose to explore based on interests and learning objectives. Electives and learning experiences are customized to a student's individual learning map and career interests.

Learning Curators

Educators who collect, curate and deliver knowledge. Junior Curators may be youth engaged in helping younger students or in giving presentations in the community. Senior Curators are experienced educators in both formal and informal education settings including K-12 teachers, university students, college mentors and instructors.

Inter-G Explorium Program

An intergenerational program that connects youth and younger learners in co-learning experiences with older adults. This may be considered as a Capstone Community Track option for students age 13 and older. See more about this program here.  


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Personal Learning Maps

Discovery PODS

Expedition Tracks



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