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ExplorMor Interactives develops interactive learning tools that are integrated into the curriculum of all of our Expedition tracks.   Augmented reality connects students with collections from both the cultural and natural worlds bringing objects of the museum and the natural world into any space and place.


From learning about our biodiversity to going on virtual scavenger hunts students are encouraged to make observations and to form inquiry as they access and engage with objects via our new WebAR application.  Content and fields of study are related to what you might typically see in a natural history museum, in the sciences, archaeology, history, art and anthropology.

While technology may never replace the value of books, and an actual museum visit, virtual artifacts and specimens can certainly be a game changer in connecting students with collections in new ways  while applying scientific inquiry. 

ExplorMor and the Libraries of Life project and app was a Katerva Awards finalist in the category of behavioral change and public impact in 2019. 

We thank our partners, clients, and contributors who have helped in the development of a resource that has made collections accessible. 
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