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 "There are two things that science needs to do: First we need to talk about the why, and second we need to tell a story."   --

Mission Statement

Promoting literacy and knowledge about the biodiversity of our planet through the power of story.

Science as Story (SAS) partners and collaborates with museums and other nonprofits in the development of interactive media that uses the power of story to promote scientific literacy in local and global communities.

Promoting Science and Language via Story  

Science as Story (SAS) works in collaboration with sponsors and other institutions who see the value of story and new technologies in the support of language and learning.  Studies show that audiobooks can be highly beneficial to children with disabilities such as dyslexia or ADHD. Listening to audio content provides an alternative pathway for the brain to process information, thus reducing cognitive overload.  Media enriched resources can especially support English language learners by offering content both in their native language as well as English.

Promoting Science and Language via Augmented Reality technologies

Libraries of Life was a project first developed in 2015 in collaboration with and Arizona State University. The goal was to connect natural history collections and science with the community at large via augmented reality. The project served as a public outreach tool for museums and government agencies across the United States. 
















We can level the playing field for new readers by producing content that is interactive and accessible serving diverse learners, languages, and reading skill levels.

With technological advancements such as Starlink and other similar initiatives, developing countries are connecting to high-speed Internet for the first time.  Simultaneously we are seeing advancements in AI technologies which will make language barriers a thing of the past. Publishers now have tools enabling them to instantly translate publications in hundreds of languages. With these advancements it is more critical than ever to ensure that traditionally marginalized groups in diverse regions of the world are provided with the same opportunities in literacy, technology, and education.









Smart Bee is an initiative as part of the NSF funded iDigBees project with the Biodiversity Outreach Network and in partnership with FLAAR (Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research).  The goal of the project is to teach children in Guatemala about native bees and the biodiversity of Guatemala.


​The Story-Cast Playhouse is our growing cast of talented voiceovers who contribute their time and talents in bringing our interactive books to life.  

Join the Story-Cast Playhouse! Our Facebook group for voiceovers and other creative talent who would like to kept informed of up-coming audiobook/podcast projects.  

The Libraries of Life project was a Katerva Awards finalist in the category of behavioral change and public impact in 2019. 

Animation in production! 


  Elizabeth Breckenkamp as Lil' Smart Bee

 Mary Timpany as Narrator and Ms. Honeybee.    


Workshops for youth in podcast production

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Lizet Vasquez based in Peru was voiceover for the Spanish Version of Lil' Smart Bee.
Lizet Vásquez >> Female Spanish >> Voice Over Talent - Lizet Voice Talent

COMING SOON! Audiobook "It's a Beautiful World"

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